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in 2007 Enrico arrives in Corvara and begins a wonderful adventure at the Col Alt Lodge managed by Fabio and Karin.

Thus began a real change for both, together they give life to a new concept of high altitude catering where quality is king.

End of 2017 Enrico and Fabio feel the need to add something to their professional life, they talk about looking for a place for a restaurant where they can express themselves at their best without the necessary compromises of the Col Alt.

  After several approaches they find the right location, so they start talking about what will become their most ambitious project.

  On 8 December 2018, L'Ostì Corvara was born, a modern, minimalist but warm mountain place where the two want to bring their passions into play. The main idea is based on an impactful cuisine combined with expressive and respectful wines, those wines that the two like to call Vini Di Vigna, or products that reflect the careful and least invasive work possible in the vineyard, not contaminated by pesticides and little processed in the cellar.

This was just the starting point. Together they look for a common thread in every single element of the restaurant, from the producer for their meat to the craftsman who produces the dishes, strictly by hand, up to the most suitable glass for Fabio's service, decided to go against the tide to the extreme perfectionism of great restaurants, formulating an attentive but informal welcome in perfect harmony with Enrico's dishes. Dishes derived from classic bases and contemporary techniques and flavors creating a synergy between concrete and modern but which is then simple to taste.  

this is L'Ostì Corvara;

easy food & raw wine

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